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About Nintendo

Nintendo is the most successful innovator of interactive entertainment worldwide, with a reputation for developing games consoles with something for everyone to enjoy.

Since its successful launch in 2006, the Wii has taken the games console market by storm with its motion-sensitive controls. Connect the Wii Console to the TV and the whole family can get in on the action, playing a great variety of games. The Wii Console comes complete with a Wii Remote, Nunchuk, AV cables, Sensor Bar and Power Supply.

The Nintendo DS was launched in 2005 with great success – a million selling in 3 months. The successful DS family is headed up by the slim and stylish DSi. It comes loaded with two in-built digital cameras for creating, customising and sharing photos, DSi enhanced sound that allows you to change pitch and speed, plus many absorbing games.

The DSi XL is larger, with two 4.2 inch screens and innovative features like two styluses and a wider viewing angle. It includes all the innovations of the original DSi and is pre-installed with entertaining games software.

2011 sees the much-anticipated arrival of the new Nintendo 3DS, set to change gaming forever by giving you 3D without the need for special glasses.  Its features include a 3D screen that can be adjusted or turned off, a Stereo Camera for taking and viewing 3D photos and built-in software that includes Mii Maker, StreetPass, SpotPass, Mii Plaza, AR Games, Activity Log and Face Raiders.

Official Partner Website